Amy Schwartz obituary (69 yo)

Apr 02, 1954 - Feb 26, 2023


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Amy Schwartz, an author and illustrator of dozens of books for children, died on February 26, 2023, at her home in Brooklyn. She was 68. Schwartz's first book for young children, "Bea and Mr. Jones," published in 1982, was about a Send Your Daughter to Work in Your Place Day. Schwartz's other books included several on the theme of “100 Things,” written in rhyme, such as “100 Things That Make Me Happy” (2014) and “100 Things I Know How to Do” (2021), and "13 Stories About Ayana" (2022), a follow-up of sorts to her “13 Stories About Harris” from two years before. Schwartz's ability to appreciate how children behold the wondrous in the mundane was evident in her books. She saw straight through to the heart of any matter, her husband, Leonard S. Marcus, said.

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