Yusuf al-Qaradawi obituary

Sep 09, 1926 Sep 26, 2022
Considered a moderate with the aid of a few and an extremist by others, he sponsored political Islam, attacked Al Qaeda and disbursed a...

Melissa Bank obituary

Oct 11, 1960 Aug 02, 2022
Her tale collection “The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing,” her first book, has been translated into dozens of languages and has sol...

Cecile Pineda obituary

Sep 01, 1932 Aug 11, 2022
She became a novelist after a theater career and won acclaim with her debut, “Face,” the story of a man who rebuilds his own face after...

Norah Vincent obituary

Sep 20, 1968 Jul 06, 2022
Her best-selling 2006 book about that experience, “Self-Made Man,” made her a media darling. But it cost her psychologically. In the w...

Jan Longone obituary

Jul 31, 1933 Aug 03, 2022
The cookbook collection that began in the basement of her home became the Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive at the University o...

Elana Dykewomon obituary

Oct 11, 1949 Aug 07, 2022
In a five-decade career that began with the coming-of-age novel “Riverfinger Women,” she was outspoken in her fiction, her poetry and h...

Nicholas Evans obituary

Jul 26, 1950 Aug 09, 2022
He was a first-time novelist whose tale of a manly vocation and family trauma broke publishing and then movie rights records when Rober...

Frederick Buechner obituary

Jul 11, 1926 Aug 15, 2022
He drew on his theological credentials in essays and memoirs, and his fiction, full of colorful characters, was admired for its eleganc...

Raymond Briggs obituary

Jan 18, 1934 Aug 09, 2022
Author-illustrator known for The Snowman and Father Christmas whose books often explored the quiet heroism of ordinary lives Raymond B...

Peter Scupham obituary

Feb 24, 1933 Jun 11, 2022
Neil Powell’s obituary of Peter Scupham mentions his witty and learned book catalogues. Peter was the only bookseller I have encountere...

Shirley Barrett appreciation

Jan 01, 1961 Aug 03, 2022
Shirley Barrett appreciation: ‘She never stopped being the life of the party’ Australian film-maker and author Shirley Barrett died th...

Ann Shulgin obituary

Mar 22, 1931 Jul 09, 2022
Therapist and countercultural figure who explored the use of psychedelic drugs for anxiety and other disorders. The California counte...

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